For a few, life seems to come easy. But that’s not reality for most. Born to fifteen-year-old parents, largely raised by his single mother in neighborhoods where gangs, drug activity, and poverty were the norm, and on his own at the age of fifteen, Chris Roberts watched peers play and thrive, while he learned survival. With disarming wit and candor, You’ve Earned It! chronicles how he was remarkably able to see the world in such a positive way, and find opportunities, where others would give up or break down. His is not a tale of a superhuman, but of super determination. Through colorful anecdotes and insightful advice for how you too can chart your own course, topics include:

  • How to learn from mistakes, as we’re human and will make them.
  • The importance of facing your fears and continued development.
  • Recognizing that the most rewarding course is rarely the easiest.
  • Handling inevitable change and setbacks.
  • Setting financial goals—celebrating small wins and regularly measuring your achievements.

Like a welcome mentor, You’ve Earned It! delivers all the inspiration and self-permission you’ll need to craft the blueprint toward a life you thought was out of reach.

CHRIS ROBERTS is the Founder and CEO of Sterling Rhino Capital, the president of Fusion Sales and Marketing, Inc., owner of Fusion Properties, and co-owner of High Trek POS. He served as a reserve police officer for four years and received multiple service awards. He lives in Washington State with his wife and two dogs.