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I wish they would’ve made us read books like this in school.
June 15, 2019
You’ve Earned It! is a great book for anyone looking for some insight into the world of entrepreneurship. Chris does an excellent job explaining how perception can shape the world around you and what it REALLY takes create long term, sustainable success. I feel this book would be most helpful to teens and young adults who feel stuck in their current situation and looking to change the path they’re headed down. You won’t find out how to get rich quick or what types of investments provide the best returns. Instead, this book will show you what’s possible even if you’ve been dealt a bad hand. My favorite part of the book was all the “Bonus Points” where Chris breaks away from the narration to give us some solid tips on how we can all improve our lives and continue to grow beyond our wildest dreams. I also just enjoyed the layout of the book itself. Easy to pick up where you left off and really tough to put down! I hope to see more books from Chris and I’m looking forward to checking out several of the books he recommends every entrepreneur should read. I’m happy with all the valuable information this book offers and can’t wait to see what Chris does next!

Bruce B.

I wish I had this knowledge 40 years ago!

June 22, 2019

Chris has articulated the steps to fulfilling your goals very well. I have fulfilled many of my own personal goals already and if I had this book, the keen insights for the author, and paid attention to it, I would have got where I’m at today a bit sooner!

This book is a goldmine filled with nuggets anyone can use every day.

Chris Roberts