Visualize Do you believe that you can do anything? Have you stopped to think about what that looks and feels like? Can you see it and feel it? If so, you will eventually live it. Start right now; begin believing. You are not a victim of your circumstances and environment. You are the results of your attitude and actions.

Develop Yourself & Teach Others Educate yourself in your free time with books, pod casts and webinars. Engage in positive conversations about everything. It is critical to ask lots of questions and learn how to be an active listener. When you teach others your knowledge, you learn and refine, and when you learn and refine you get efficient. When you learn, refine and get efficient you excel. So, share your knowledge and thrive like you never thought possible!

Financial Freedom It is critical to understand, measure and cut expenses while creating multiple streams of income. Save and invest; spend last. When you make more money above your reasonable comfort level, invest it or save it. Understand the concept of measuring your return on your time aka Gross Margin Return on Time (GMROT); this refers to analyzing how you allocate your time and what you get back for using it. Lastly, continue to always stretch your financial goals beyond each achievement you make.

Build good Habits Stop the bad or nonproductive habits that are not assisting in achieving your goals. Practice and develop constructive and productive habits that will. The more often you practice these, the quicker they will become second nature.

Set Goals Set reasonable goals and stay on them adjusting as needed. Keep pushing through and out hustle and out work everyone around you. Hold yourself accountable so others don’t have to. Write down your goals and use your phone or other tools to set reminders to stay focused.

Face Your Fears Think of something that scares you to death. Imagine how it would feel to overcome that fear. Find the courage to do it and face it; you will overcome it. Even the most insignificant fears we face can build a mountain of confidence.

Align Yourself Surround yourself with people, mentors, pictures, or words that will keep you on track, inspire you to go get it and earn what’s there for the taking. You’re not a victim and no one is going to hand you your dreams or success. So, go earn it.

Recalibrate your process Continuously evaluate your processes to ensure you are staying aligned with your road map. It is important to seek and be open to feedback. Once your focused, GO, GO, GO!

Give back There is no greater reward than to change someone’s life for the better. You can do this in many ways. It does not take much. The fulfillment you will achieve when you do, is incredible. The world needs you and when you’re ready, please give back.

When you master this list and achieve your version of success, take a good look in the mirror and be proud because You’ve Earned It!