Everyone deserves to feel worthy

Chris D. Roberts is a high-energy keynote speaker who empowers individuals to find a piece of themselves they never knew existed, by learning to seek out and attract unlikely mentors.

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No One Should Feel “Less Than”
Anyone or Anything Else

Many people today struggle to reach their full potential, feeling trapped by their circumstances and held back by self-doubt. Despite hard work, they find themselves unable to achieve their goals, feeling uninspired and powerless to change their situation.

If you’re in this situation, it’s incredibly frustrating. 

And if you’re a leader with people on your team who feel like this, it’s exhausting and detrimental to your business.

We assume that the problem lies in a lack of talent or opportunities. But Chris Roberts doesn’t believe that’s true. 

Instead, Chris believes that by learning to seek out and attract unlikely mentors, anyone can overcome these challenges and unlock the pieces of themselves they didn’t even know exist.

Drawing from his journey of humble beginnings to building a real estate empire with over $150MM in assets, Chris combines engaging and hilarious storytelling with a transformational message that everyone deserves to feel worthy and complete, and practical steps to start attracting unlikely mentors into their circle.

By embracing this mindset and learning from those who’ve walked the path before, anyone can turn their life around and make a lasting impact.

Chris Roberts Unlikely Mentor

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How to Feel Like a Complete Person

Many of us go through life feeling incomplete. We’re full of “I should…”, “I wish…”, and “That’s not possible for me…” thoughts. It’s demoralizing, so we tend to justify our incompleteness as “normal.” Everyone feels like that, so it’s okay that I do, right? Except, it doesn’t help. Feeling incomplete undermines our confidence, leads to self-defeating decisions, and actually sabotages our ability to gain the life we really want, deep down. So, what can we do instead?

Chris D. Roberts will introduce the concept of ‘unlikely mentors.’ They’re the people most likely to change your life, and yet they are almost always outside your existing circle of influence. So, how do you find them? Or better yet, how do you get them to find and invest in you? That’s what your audience will learn in this high energy, interactive, funny, and moving keynote.

Everyone deserves to feel worthy

I’m Chris!

When I was a kid, we survived off food stamps and standing on the occasional food line. I left home at 15, the same age my mom was when she had me.

It seemed like a great idea, but suddenly my closest family was 1200 miles away.

My life became an endless cycle of finding someone willing to let me crash for the night. I no longer had a home, and I felt like I was always “in-between,” stuck in a void.

I remember thinking, “I don’t even exist.”

So I start working every job you can imagine. One of the least terrible jobs was working at a hot dog cart.

One Saturday afternoon I had a line of about twenty people. It was a beautiful day, the tips were good, and I was in the zone.

After the line died down, a man approached me. His name was Ron. He said:

“I need a guy like you on my team. I’ve been watching you for the last three weeks. You have a good attitude, energy, enthusiasm, and you deal with pressure well. That’s something I can’t teach.”

Ron saw me in a way I didn’t see myself. In that moment I saw myself as a person with value for the first time in my life.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Ron had changed the course of my life forever.

20 years later I’m the Co-Founder of Sterling Rhino Capital, a multifamily real estate investing firm with over $150MM in assets. More importantly, we were able to feed over 1,000,000 families through a partnership with Feeding America.

I went from standing on food lines to feeding 1 million people.

Ron was my unlikely mentor. And I want to show you how to find yours.

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