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The Art of Attracting
Unlikely Mentors

Many of us go through life feeling incomplete. We’re full of “I should…”, “I wish…”, and “That’s not possible for me…” thoughts. It’s demoralizing, so we tend to justify our incompleteness as “normal.” Everyone feels like that, so it’s okay that I do, right? Except, it doesn’t help. Feeling incomplete undermines our confidence, leads to self-defeating decisions, and actually sabotages our ability to gain the life we really want, deep down. So, what can we do instead?

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Chris D. Roberts will introduce the concept of ‘unlikely mentors.’ They’re the people most likely to change your life, and yet they are almost always outside your existing circle of influence. So, how do you find them? Or better yet, how do you get them to find and invest in you? That’s what your audience will learn in this high energy, interactive, funny, and moving keynote.

3-Step Strategy to draw in unlikely mentors

Your attendees will:

Your attendees will:

Chris D Roberts Unlikely Mentor

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